ADS 100 Sliding Door

The ADS 100 Slide provides power, safety and reliability encased in attractive an aluminium housing only 10cm high.

The ADS 100 Slide provides the most comprehensive range of features that could be required in an automatic door operator. The robust construction and precise microprocessor technology make this sliding operator the premier choice for automatic sliding door solutions.


The versatility of the ADS 100 Slide integrates beautifully with today’s modern building designs, linking effortlessly with

 access control, fire alarms and control systems.


Heavy duty steel brackets, reinforced toothed belt and a high quality extruded housing make this operator suitable for heavy and high usage door sets. Our use of nylon wheels on an aluminium track make for the quietest possible operation.



  • Heavy duty Dunker Motor/gearbox with internal electriclock
  • Easy Setup and simple wiring
  • Compact – Only 10cm inheight
  • Designed and manufactured inthe UK.

AUTOMATIC – Allows access from both directions

EXIT ONLY – Allows access from the internal activation only

ENTER ONLY – Allows access from the external activationonly

CLOSED – All activations are ignored - The electric lock willengage

PHARMACY – Allows the door to open and lock at a specificpoint (5-20 % of the door open distance)

HOLD OPEN – The doors are held in the fully open position