ads-200-telescopic-door-operatorADS 200 Telescopic Door Operator

The ADS 200 Telescopic door operator has been designed for single mand double door applications.

The ADS telescopic variant allows you to offer a wider clear opening width compared with a standard sliding door system.

At only 14cm high and available upto up to 6 meters in length, the ADS 200 is the most versitile choice of telescopic operator.


The ADS 200 Telescopic provides the most comprehensive range of features that could be required in an automatic door operator. The robust construction and precise microprocessor technology make this sliding operator the premier choice for automatic sliding door solutions.


The versatility of the ADS 200 Telescopic integrates beautifully with today’s modern building designs, linking effortlessly with access control, fire alarms and control systems.



  • Space-saving door system for
  • when space is less available
  • Heavy duty Dunker Motor/gearbox with internal Electric Lock
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.

AUTOMATIC – Allows access from both directions
EXIT ONLY – Allows access from the internal activation only
ENTER ONLY – Allows access from the external activation only
CLOSED – All activations are ignored - The electric lock will engage
PHARMACY – Allows the door to open and lock at a specific point (5-20 % of the door open distance)
HOLD OPEN – The doors are held in the fully open position
PARTIAL OPEN – Opens to a percentage of the fully door mwidth (sometimes called “winter mode”)
AUTO WIDTH – Adjust between fully open and partially open mdepending on the frequency of traffic.