Sliding Doors

EMSL – EMSL/T Slider

High Performance – Many of the most valuable features and innovations that characterises the Entrmatic’s strive for optimal function and performance are combined in the Entrematic sliding door operator EMSL/T. The EMSL/T can be integrated as part of Entrematic profile system. EMPS but it can also be adapted to a wide range of different door and customer requirements.



  • No compromise on safety
  • Doors immediately reverse if an obstruction is detected, then resume their interrupted movement at low speed to check whether the obstruction detected between opening doors and surrounding walls or interior fittings, the door immediately stops and then closes after a time delay.
  • To extend the safety various safety sensors can be used.
  • EMSL/T is constructed to meet various authority regulations for emergency escape route.
  • All units completely assembled in the support beam
  • It is easy to install as a replacement or for new installations
  • Small & Slim in appearance and still suitable for the heaviest duty applications


EMSL Bi Parting/single

EMSL/T 2 Leaf, Single

EMSL/T 4 Leaf Bi

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